Is it wheelchair accessible?
Yes, main exhibition is upstairs, but there’s a lift.
Can children attend?
Yes, with parents. It probably won’t be suitable for children under 8 years old though.
Can I bring food?
No please don’t because of allergies, food preferences etc. We may be offering some free food (!) towards lunchtime.
Will there be a more detailed description of talks and exhibitors?
Yes, we’re getting ready and confirming. Please watch the main website at:
Will there be photography?
Yes, we’ll provide red stickers for people who do not wish to be photographed or videoed.
If you have specific health conditions
Please tell us when you register
If you or your family are/feel ill
Please don’t come. If this one is a success there’ll be another one.
If you feel ill when visiting, please go to the main UEL reception desk