A free, friendly festival of knowledge for everyone

It was Saturday 17 Feb, 2024 10am-4pm
Thanks to everyone who helped, exhibited, talked, and (of course) to everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed it. We’re leaving this website up and will put pictures, comments etc. on very soon.

Special thank you to UEL for providing support, space, and food.

Also, we’ll leave the contact form, just in case you want to volunteer or contribute to make next year’s (!) happen.

What’s Inside

Voice Driven AI on an Orange Pi
Voice Driven AI on an Orange Pi

Citizen science covers inventions,co-production, discoveries, and technology made by citizens, or useful for society The Citizen Science Fair is run entirely by local volunteers. We aim to inspire, share inventions and skills, and encourage learning & participation in Newham.

There’ll be a diverse and interesting lineup with something for everyone: hands-on, displays and talks, creative arts, serious subjects and playfulness.

Topics & projects include (so far): Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers, Scratch programming for younger children, sustainable tech, environmental sensors, talks about AI bias and use of AI in healthcare, digital privacy, information quality and source-checking, virtual reality (tbc).

How to get involved

  • Drop us a line here